Tender 41 Three Hearts Marathon – Radenci, 5/20/2023


Sport club Three hearts, Boračeva 37, 9252 Radenci.

Events at 41 Three Hearts Marathon:


Applications will be accepted until thursday 5/10/2023 on the website Online entry.
Registration is valid upon registration fee payment.

Registration fee

The price of the registration fee also includes a single-use chip.

The registration fee can be paid:

Please refer to the instructions given in online registration. 

Individual – Radenska Classic marathon (42,195 m), Radenska Light halfmarathon (21,098 m), Radenska Naturelle run (10,000 m), Oaza run (5,000 m)

Payment Price
from 12/5/2022 to 12/12/2022 36 €
from 12/13/2022 to 4/19/2023 39 €
from 4/20/2023 to 5/10/2023 45 € 39 €
Event day 20/5/2023 60 €

Entry fee for Children's run 2022

Payment Price
by 5/10/2023 10 €
on the Marathon day 5/20/2023 15 €

Returning of starting fee

Until 5/2/23, a refund of the registration fee is possible, but administrative costs in the amount of 8 EUR will be charged. In case of force majeure and cancellation of the event, registration fees are refunded with a deduction of administrative costs of 8 EUR. After the event, registration fees due to non-participation are not refunded or. return is only possible with a medical certificate. In addition, we charge an administrative fee of 15 EUR.

Competition categories and starting hours 41. Three Hearts Marathon:

Marathon Radenska Classic and Halfmarathon Radenska Medium (start 09.00)

Category age (men and women) Birth year
A up to 30 1994 – 2005
B 30 – 34 1989 – 1993
C 35 – 39 1984 – 1988
D 40 – 44 1979 – 1983
E 45 – 49  1974 – 1978
F 50 – 54  1969 – 1973
G 55 – 59  1964 – 1968
H 60 – 64  1959 – 1963
I 65 – 69  1954 – 1958
J over 70 1953 and older

Radenska Naturelle run - 10,000 m (start 09.10)

Category age (men) Birth year
A up to 40 1984 – 2007
B over 40 1983 and older
Category age (women) Birth year
A do 35 1989 – 2007
B over 35 1988 and older​

Oaza run - 5,000 m (start 09.15)

NOTE: Application of persons younger than 15 years is valid only with a parents or guardians signed declaration of responsibility.

Course line

Start and finish of all courses are in Radenci nearby hotel Radin.

40. Maraton treh src proge 2022

Children's run

Track length Category (age)
(boys and girls)​
Birth year  Start at​
1000 m      
  10 – 11 years 2012/2013 16.15
600 m      
  9 years 2014 16.30
  8 years 2015 16.45
  7 years 2016 17.00
250 m      
  6 years 1 2017 17.15
  4 – 5 years 1*  2018/19 17.30
  up to 3 years 1*  2020 and younger​ 17.45
1 – Not competitive run
* – Child can run with companion. For competition categories, time is measured by the chip on the start number.

Insurance, liability and health

Every participant shall take part in the competition at his/her own risk. Medical help will be available along the course and at the finish line.

Awards and cash prizes

Cash prizes are given to the top three ranked runners (male and female) in the Radenska Classic Marathon and Radenska Light Halfmarathon. Best three ranked absolutely in all races will receive a trophy, the best three in each category will recive medals by mail following the announcement of official results, which is 10 days after the event. Cash prizes will be paid to the bank accounts within 60 days after 41 Three hearts marathon, so all recipients of cash prizes, must submit their tax number, full residential address and number of personal accounts to the organizer no later than 30 May 2023. Send data to addres to e-mail: [email protected].

Award ceremony

The public award ceremony will be held for the absolute male and female category in all competitions of the 41 Three hearts marathon and for the national championship in halfmarathon and military national championships. The best three ranked individuals throughout the racing categories of 41 Three hearts marathon medals will be sent by post. Recognition of each player can be printed through applications on the website www.maraton-radenci.si.

Course line

NOTE: There is a 2.45 hour limit on entering 2nd round of 42km track. After that time all runners on the track will be directed to 21km finish. They will be marked as DNF (did not finish).

General rules and conditions

Standard rules and conditions of WA (World atlethic) and AZS (Athletic Federation of Slovenia) shall apply. Information service, which will give all instructions relating to the competition will work in the Sports club Three hearts, Boračeva 37, 9252 Radenci, tel: 00386 2 520 37 07 and 00386 31 698 764. Official results will be published on the website: www.maraton-radenci.si. The Appeal Committee will accept written complaints submitted in a deposit of 50€ on a day of competition in the "Info pavilion" at the event site of 41 Three hearts marathon.

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify a runner if he/she:

Organizer reserves the right to delay award in part or in full, if a runner refuses to participate (Interview, photography, etc.) with reporters or the organizers of the 41 Three hearts marathon. All competitors compete on their own responsibility! Each participant of 41 Three Hearts Marathon agrees with the publication of their photos, names and surnames in the various three marathon hearts media.

Organizer reserves the right to change this tender.


President of the organisers comitee
Gerlec Boštjan

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