About Marathon

40. Three hearts marathon

When? May 21, 2022
Where? SI - Radenci (Hotel Radin)
start! 9.00 a.m.


Cash prizes
Cash prizes are given to the top three ranked runners (male and female) in the Radenska Classic Marathon and Radenska Medium Halfmarathon.
Best three ranked absolutely in all races will receive a trophy.
The best three in each category will recive medals by mail following the announcement of official results, which is 10 days after the event.

Info for runners:

Refreshments at every 2.5 km.
Wardrobe next to the tent to where the numbers are being given out.
Medical service in the start-finish area and on all lines.
Toilette along the route. On Radenska Classic Marathon on 4 points.
Shower organized in the start finish area.
Organised free kindergarten from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m..


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Avtohiša Kolmanič & Dokl
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Občina Radenci
Fundacija za šport
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Fit z Andrejo
ZR Grafika
Bad Radkersburg
Sintal Koncern
T.P.S. Zelko
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