Online entry

Online entries to 40. Three
Hearts Marathon

Application will be accepted until Tuesday, 05/05/2020. Registration is available on the day of the Marathon.

Registration is valid upon registration fee payment. Please follow the registration process for payment. Please refer to the instructions given in online registration.

Entry fee for an individual

Radenska Classic Marathon, Radenska Medium Halfmarathon, Radenska Naturelle run, Oaza run  
payment by 04/15/2020 30,00 €
payment between 04/16 and 05/05/2020 40,00 €
05/16/2020 on the day of the Marathon 50,00 €


Nordic walking  
payment by 05/05/2020 26,00 €
05/16/2020 on the day of the Marathon 35,00 €


Entry fee for Children's run 2019  
payment by 05/05/2020 5,00 €
05/15 and 05/16/2020 on the day of the Marathon 10,00 €

There is a single use chip included in the price.

Payment details

Bank name: NLB d.d. - division Pomurje
Account number: IBAN SI56 02341 - 0011912031, BIC/SWIFT: LJBASI2X